HFMA IOWA Policies and Procedures

The chapter will allow, at the discretion of the immediate past president in consultation with the board and committee chairs, for the ordering of additional DCMS awards to acknowledge active participation by individual(s) involved in the activity the resulted in the recognition.  The additional awards shall be presented at the chapter’s annual awards ceremony.

Board Composition
The Chapter shall maintain a minimum ratio of 40% of providers to vendors on the Iowa HFMA Board.  The calculation is determined by adding up the providers on the Board and divide by the 12 positions (6 Officers and 6 Directors).  This ratio is recommended by the National HFMA. (Added 10-9-18)

Board Automatic Assignments
By virtue of the office that an Officer or Board members is elected, shall result in an automatic assignments to committees. (Added 10-9-18)

Past President > Chair  >  Yerger Committee

President  >  Chair  >  Strategic Planning + Co-Chair, Sponsorship

President Elect   >  Chair   >  Sponsorship + Nominating + Co-Chair, Programming

Vice President  >  Chair  >  Programming

Secretary  >  Co-Chair, Communications + Member + Programming

Treasurer  >  Chair  >  Membership + Sponsorship

Board Member 1st term  >  Member  >  Programming

Board Member 2nd term   >  Member  > Programming               

The chapter will reimburse Iowa HFMA members for the cost of Module I and Module II after receiving a certificate of completion for both modules.  To receive reimbursement, the member will send a copy of the Certified Healthcare Financial Professional certificate along with the receipt for both modules.  The member will also identify who should receive reimbursement, the member or the member’s employer.

 The certification chair will compile receipts and submit to the Iowa Chapter Board of Directors for approval during the quarterly board meetings.  Once approved, the chapter treasurer will reimburse the member for certification cost.
(Change approved 7/20/2018).

Continuing Professional Education
The Iowa chapter educational programs may qualify for continuing professional education (CPE) for CPA certification.  The chapter does not maintain the information required by the State Boards of Accountancy’s for CPE; however, an individual member may maintain the necessary supporting data.

Members should contact their respective State’s Board of Accountancy to obtain the entire guidelines.  Basic information from Iowa on the necessary requirements for members to maintain CPEs include the following:

•      An outline or agenda of the program indicating the program subject matter, instructor(s), and dates and length of the program.
•      A computation of the number of CPE hours.  The program must be at least 1 hour.
•      The instructor must be qualified which means that they have the background, training, education or experience to lead the discussion on the particular subject.
•      A record of registration or attendance is maintained.  The Iowa chapter will not issue CPE certificates; rather the individual is expected to maintain a record of attendance.   The registration chair sign the registration record to verify participation as proof of member attendance if the member so desires.

Financial Review
The Financial Review t Committee will perform a review of the chapter’s financial operations on an annual basis, at the conclusion of the fiscal year.  The results of the audit shall be presented to the board for acceptance at the summer meeting.

Investment Policy
The treasurer shall have the authority to purchase any federally insured investment or obligations.  Any other investment must have prior approval by the board.  Investment activity must be reported at each board meeting.

Job Referral
The Iowa chapter website will publicize job postings for positions at Iowa chapter members, or openings at chapter corporate sponsor organizations.

The Communications Committee, at their discretion, will post employment opportunities based on their judgment of providing value to Iowa chapter members.  (Change approved 7/20/2018).

Meeting Registrations
Registration fees will be set by the Board of Directors annually.  Note that early registration fees for members and non-members will be at a reduced rate.
(Change approved 5/17/2013)

A $25 fee will be added for registrations received less than 7 days prior to the meeting.

There are no partial meeting registrations.

Registration fees for student members shall be at no cost for up to five students per meeting. (Change approved 5/16/2014).

A full refund of meeting registration fees will be granted only if the cancellation is received at least seven days prior to the scheduled program.  Cancellations made between 4 and 6 days prior to the program will receive a 50 percent cash refund; cancellations within 3 days of the program are non-refundable (Change approved 7/20/2018).

Past Presidents of the chapter will be granted free meeting registration to Iowa Chapter – only sponsored meetings in recognition of their prior service to the chapter. (Change approved July 18, 2014)

Member Privacy Policy
Chapter member names and addresses are not to be sold or published, other than to other chapter members through the annual membership directory.

The most recent chapter member roster is obtained through the national organization by an officer for official chapter purposes only.  Other chapters may request permission from the President to use the Iowa chapter membership list.  The President may grant this request if the event dates do not conflict with an Iowa chapter event.  If another organization requests mailing labels, board approval is required.

E-mail notices regarding upcoming events will be sent using the most recent list obtained from national, with member addresses blinded to other members.  All e-mails for educational program purposes must contain a notice indicating the message is for solicitation of such an event and include an option for the member to be removed from the distribution list.

The usage of chapter members e-mail addresses is for chapter purposes only.

The chapter will utilize e-mail to send meeting notices and the quarterly newsletter as a method to communicate with members in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

In the instance of co-sponsored educational events with non-HFMA organizations, chapters may provide a limited or one-time use to the co-sponsoring organization.  Additionally, the promotional material must include the name of the chapter (i.e. the XXX chapter of HFMA) and if a logo is used, it must be the chapter logo (i.e. not to be mistaken for the HFMA national logo).

In the event of the passing of a chapter member or corporate sponsor contact, the chapter will provide a memorial in the amount of $50.    (Change 7/20/2018.

Record Retention Requirements
Records are retained by the respective officer or chairperson.

Records to be retained permanently include:
Chapter Charter Documents, Bylaws, Board Minutes, Auditor’s Report, President’s
Report, Annual Reports (Committees and Officers), General Ledger

Record to be maintained seven years include:
Financial Statements, IRS Submissions, Invoices, Continuing Education Records

Records to be maintained three years include:
Chapter Correspondence, Program Brochures, Strategic Plan, Newsletters, Awards
Submissions & Feedback

The sponsorship period and accompanying benefits are based on a calendar year.    There are no partial year sponsorships, with the exception of a new sponsor, then the fee would be then pro-rated based on the number of meetings left in the year.  A new sponsor is defined as a firm that has not been an active sponsor in the last three calendar years.

Sponsors will be recognized per annually approved sponsorship benefits based on level of sponsorship.

The list of sponsors, along with the hospitality sponsor (if available), will be included on each meeting registration.

The sponsor list will be posted on the Iowa chapter website and a link to the platinum sponsors’ website will be provided as a benefit of sponsorship at that level.

Travel Policy
The chapter will pay travel expenses for the following:

Leadership Training
Chapter officers and other designated chapter representatives

Fall Presidents Meeting
President & President-elect

Immediate Past President, Current President (or designee), & Programming chair (change approved 1/24/2014).

Allowable travel expenses include:
•      Mileage to/from home or work to the airport paid at the prevailing IRS rate.
•      Airport parking based on the number of days budgeted for the meeting.
•      Hotel based on number of days budgeted for the meeting
•      Airfare for the attendee at the lowest available 14-day non-refundable advanced rate purchase, nonstop fare.
•      Seminar registration (ANI and AHA Annual Meeting)
•      Meals for reasonable time period of the meeting and if the meal is not furnished at the meeting.
•      Meals shall be reimbursed at reasonable rates (approved 7/20/2018)
•      Other reasonable expenses for group networking activities as approved by the President and President-elect.

In all cases, prudence should be exercised to ensure appropriate and reasonable expenditures, for example, discounts for early registrations.

All expenses with supporting invoices should be submitted on an expense report to the Treasurer within 30 days of the meeting.  .

Any exceptions to the above policy should be approved in advance by another officer independent of the meeting.  (Change approved 4/13/07).

Treasury Balance
The treasury balance shall be set annually by the board of directors to be consistent with the day’s cash on hand metric set annually by national HFMA.  (Change approved 4/13/07)

Treasurer Controls
In order to ensure that there are appropriate financial internal controls and management oversight over expenditures, the following authorizations will be required:

•      Invoices for expenses less than $250 must be approved by the originator and the Chapter Treasurer.
•      Invoices for expenses of $250 or more must be approved by the originator, and two Chapter Officer.
•      If an originator’s company or officer’s company is requesting reimbursement, the invoice must be approved by two officers other than the originator or officer whose company provided the service.
•      Chapter Treasurer Reimbursement requires approval by the President or two officers other than the Chapter Treasurer.
•      Any reimbursement to chapter members requires approval by the Chapter Treasurer and one other chapter officer.

Revenue Processing-Sponsorships
In order to ensure that there are appropriate financial internal controls and management oversight over chapter sponsorship revenues, the following process controls will be required:

•      Every sponsorship agreement will be documented.  This may be in the form of a hard copy pledge form with an authorized signature or an e-mail acknowledgment from an authorized representative.
•      A sponsorship listing will be maintained by the President-Elect and shared with the chapter officers.
•      Sponsorship revenue will be formally documented with a billing advice and billed directly to the sponsor by the Chapter Treasurer. An accounts receivable trial balance and aging will be maintained by the Chapter Treasurer and reviewed on a quarterly basis at the chapter Board meetings.
•      Sponsorship payments will be acknowledged by the Chapter Treasurer to each chapter sponsor and reconciled to the chapter bank account statement.
•      Bank account transaction activity (deposits/refunds) will be reconciled to a detailed sponsorship trial balance.  This will be completed by the Chapter Treasurer and reviewed by the Chapter President.

Revenue Processing-Registration
In order to ensure that there are appropriate financial internal controls and management oversight over registration revenues, the following process controls will be required:

•      All educational events will utilize an on-line registration program. This system accommodates all advance registrations.
•      At all Iowa HFMA events that allow walk-in registration, two Iowa HFMA members will staff the registration table.  One person will be responsible for registration and the second person will be responsible for handling the payments.    Walk-in will be required register on the on-line registration platform.  Event on sight registration revenue will be tracked by attendee and payments reconciled to the event sign-up listing and processed to the bank by the Chapter Treasurer or designee.
•      A finalized reconciliation of attendees to bank account transaction activity will be completed by the Chapter Treasurer and reviewed by the Chapter President.

Bank Reconciliations
In order to ensure that there are appropriate financial internal controls and management oversight over bank reconciliations, the following process controls will be required:

•      In addition to the Chapter Treasurer, the Chapter President will have access via password to the electronic bank statement generated by the financial institution.
•      The Chapter Treasurer will complete the bank reconciliation within 25 days of receipt of the monthly statement.  The Chapter Treasurer will notify the Chapter President that the reconciliation is complete or discuss difficulties encountered.
•      The Chapter President will review the reconciliation via QuickBooks on-line prior to month end. (change approved 10/26/07)