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President's Message

Hello all,

It has been nearly three months into my president year, and I continue to be inspired with the effort of our local committees and our region as whole. We continue to offer top-notch educational opportunities via in-person meetings, as well as webinars. I encourage you to take a few minutes and visit our website to see our upcoming events.
Of note, please consider attending our Fall in-person event from October 9th – 11th in Des Moines, hosted in conjunction with the Iowa Hospital Association. This is always a great opportunity to network with multiple disciplines across the industry, as well as enjoying the Iowa HFMA camaraderie that I believe defines us as the best chapter in the country. HFMA members (if not members of an Iowa Hospital) can secure free registration by using the code HFMA2018. The registration link is HERE. If you can, I would encourage you to invite your finance committee members of your organization’s board. It is important for them to see how your involvement, and our chapter, is vital to the success of our industry.
Lastly, I was able to attend the Fall President’s Meeting with President-Elect Jeremy Behrens. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the future direction of HFMA and how our local chapter and regions can help get there. Fortunately, we are already on the right path! Our focus on member and non-member engagement, local and regional association partnerships, and streamlining administrative processes is in line with HFMA’s strategic direction. I believe Iowa, and Region 8 as a whole, is leading the association in terms of strategic alignments and thought leadership.
Our chapter is only as good as our members. Please continue to attend, recommend others, and volunteer whenever you can. You will not be disappointed in the impact you will make.
Kyle Wilcox
Iowa HFMA Chapter President, 2018-2019

Member Opportunities: Leadership Training Conference

Img 0501 ltc 2018
Each year, the Iowa Chapter of HFMA is able to send chapter leaders to the Leadership Training Conference (LTC) through the support of our members and sponsors.

The 2018 Leadership Training Conference was held in New Orleans, LA.
At LTC, chapter leaders are provided an opportunity to learn about their leadership roles.  Everything is covered from communications to programming meetings to building/sustaining membership.

Being able to connect with other fellow chapter leaders across the country also provides an invaluable networking opportunity!
The Iowa Chapter traditionally sends each incoming chapter officer, as well as additional nominees of various board and committee positions.  As each chapter leader would readily tell you, becoming involved in HFMA is a rewarding experience, where you receive just as much as you give.
Are you interested in becoming more involved?  See the Chapter Leader section of our website and reach out to one of us - we're always looking for new volunteers, and we'll be happy to connect you with the committee that interests you!
Photo: Iowa Chapter Leaders at the HFMA Region 8 Leadership Training Conference (LTC) Speed Bowling Networking Event:
Kyle Wilcox, Abbey Stangl, Dave Muhs, Jenny Peterson, Jeremy Behrens
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Invest in your career by sharing your HFMA experience with your staff, peers, or anyone with an interest in healthcare finance.
How to get started:
  • Download the application form at - pass along to colleagues or hand out at networking events. Be sure to include your name and member ID number in the "sponsor" area of the application to receive proper credit. 
  • Prospective recruits can join online at
  • If you need assistance in answering a recruit's question or inquiry, contact our HFMA Member Services Center at or call (800) 252-4362. 
-Tim Huber
Iowa Chapter HFMA Membership Chair

Results are in from Iowa HFMA Member Survey

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to our Chapter Survey! Our results were very positive and we look forward to responding to your feedback!

Here are some statistics:
  • 93% of you have an overall high satisfaction rating for the chapter!
  • 61% of you have attended an educational event in the last 6 months.
  • 95% of you feel that we are producing quality educational programming.
  • 88% of you feel that we are locating events where you can access them.


Featured Provider Member -
Amy McLaughlin, CFO
Manning Regional Healthcare Center

Headshot 2 (002)20180608 4743 1i4t116
Amy, tell us a little about your organization:
 Manning Regional Healthcare Center (MRHC) is a critical access hospital located in Manning, Iowa. Our organization is comprised of the hospital itself (17 beds), a substance abuse recovery center (Manning Family Recovery Center - 16 beds), a long term care facility (Manning Plaza – 56 beds), and a physician’s clinic. Building on a tradition of service that has spanned more than 80 years, MRHC provides state-of-the-art, convenient, all-inclusive medical care to residents of West Central Iowa.
What HFMA resources are you utilizing to help you deal with a changing healthcare landscape?
Our membership in HFMA is invaluable. Various members of our revenue cycle team attend on site conferences as well as subscribe to multiple HFMA publications in order to stay up-to-date on the latest news, laws, and regulations in our field and to help us proactively adapt to the constant changes we see in healthcare day in and day out.
What attributes drew you to your organization and what attributes keep you here?
It doesn’t hurt that I come to work at a beautiful brand new facility each day, but it’s our best in class employees and seeing the positive impact they have on our community that keep me energized and proud to serve at this organization. 
How is your organization preparing for an uncertain future?
The need for healthcare is not going away anytime soon, but the future of how care is delivered and how providers are paid for their services is what is keeping us on our toes. We are constantly evaluating and expanding service lines based on our community needs. We have recently started a geriatric psychiatry program in addition to partnering with our mental health region to provide tele-psychiatry services in our emergency department. By adapting to the current and future needs of our patients, we have created greater accessibility to care, particularly mental health, which is a growing need not only in our region, but nation-wide.  A continued forward-thinking approach will be imperative for us to continue to be successful in a challenging healthcare environment.
Thank you, Amy for sharing your story!
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